Is Kintsugi ware dishwasher safe?

Is Kintsugi ware dishwasher safe?

Ceramics repaired by Kintsugi are not restored to their original state.

Although they can be used on a daily basis, they need to be treated with a little more care than before.

Some usage may cause it to be damaged again after it has been repaired.

After repair, be careful of the following five things.

Do not use a dishwasher

Please refrain from using a dishwasher, as it may cause damage and gold to peel off.

When washing, use a soft sponge to wash gently.


Do not use a microwave oven

Using a microwave oven is dangerous because of the possibility of sparks coming from the seams or an explosion.

As with dishwashers, please refrain from using microwave ovens.


Do not put over an open flame

Pouring boiling water over it is acceptable, but placing it over an open flame can cause damage.

Continuous exposure to boiling steam should also be avoided.


Do not rub the seams hard

The gold layer is very thin, so rubbing it hard or scratching it with a hard object may cause the gold or urushi coating to peel off.


Do not use it for a month after the repair is complete

In fact, when urushi hardens, there are two stages of reaction that take place.

The first stage is a reaction that takes in moisture from the air and hardens the urushi so that it is safe to touch within a few days.

The second stage is a reaction that takes another 20 days to several months to harden to the core.

If this second stage reaction is not completed properly, the strength of the urushi will not be sufficiently enhanced and may cause damage.

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Hello Steven, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your question, because I have not received notifications of comments for a long time.
It may be too late, but I will answer your question now as it will be helpful to others.
Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re glad to hear you’ve discovered the joy of kintsugi.

Regarding whether kintsugi repairs can be used for tableware – our kits utilize the traditional method with natural urushi and pure gold powder, so the repaired potteries are completely food-safe.
However, urushi is sensitive to high heat, so you’ll want to avoid using the pieces over an open flame. Also, do not use in microwave ovens or dishwashers.

On the other hand, there are many kintsugi kits on the market that use alternative adhesives like epoxy instead of natural urushi, or substitute gold-colored powders for pure gold. Pieces repaired with those kits are not food-safe and are only suitable for decorative use.
I hope this helps explain the difference!
Let me know if you have any other questions. We’re always happy to provide more information about kintsugi and our products.


Hey chimahaga,

First of all I have to thank you for introduce kintsugi to me! For me its like meditation and relaxing for my soul.
Thank you very much for your guides :-)

I m Not sure in that Case, but is it possible to use the ceramics normaly? For example using a teapot…I read a Lot of people saying its Just in use as decoration.

Whats your opinion/knowledge about that.

Thanks in advance for your Response and again….thank you again for showing me that world 🤗

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